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Visual Arts

The Academy has implemented a number of collaborations with companies and institutions, both public and private, in order to allow students to have meaningful experiences through internships, apprenticeships, and meetings with artists.

There are various career opportunities related to the Visual Arts:

  • Art Director in Companies, Professional Studies
  • Professional Freelance
  • Artistic collaborations with publishers, newspapers
  • Graphic Designer
  • Collaboration in the advertising area

1° Year

  • Drawing for Painting
  • Image Anatomy 1
  • History of Art
  • Painting 1
  • Design for Painting
  • Tech. and Visual Art Technologies 1
  • Decoration
  • Basic Computer Science
  • English Language

2° Year

  • Image Anatomy 2
  • History of Modern Art
  • Photography
  • Theory of Perception and Gestalt Psychology
  • Painting 2
  • Performative Techniques for the Visual Art
  • Tech. and Visual Art Technologies
  • Art Semiotic
  • Philosophy of the Art

3° Year

  • History of Contemporary Art
  • Painting 3
  • Performative Techniques for the Visual Art 2
  • Performative Techniques for the Visual Art 3
  • Cultural Marketing Fundamentals
  • Art and Teaching Pedagogy
  • History of Cinema and Video
  • Art Therapy Patterns and References
  • English Language for Artistic Communication
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